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Naficy Plastic Surgery leads the nation in breast augmentation and cosmetic injections

According to Allergan, the #1 manufacturer of breast implants, Botox, and fillers in the nation, Naficy Plastic Surgery is in the top 10 centers among 36,000 clinics in their database.


Shaped Implants have arrived!

See the newly available shaped implants by Allergan (Style 410) for a more natural look and greater longevity.


Questions about Breast Lifts?

Visit our website dedicated to information on Breast Lift Surgery . Find more information about different types of breast lift surgery.

Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant) Costs

For breast augmentation procedures the all-inclusive cost for the procedure performed in our Bellevue plastic surgery center is $6894 for silicone implants and $5994 for saline implants.

This cost includes all of the following components of a breast augmentation procedure:

  • Surgeon fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Operating room fee
  • Cost of breast implants
  • Post-operative surgical bra
  • All routine follow up visits with our board-certified plastic surgeon

You may use the link below to apply to care credit for financing of your cosmetic surgery procedure.

The cost for breast implants with Dr. Gottlieb is one of the most competitive in the Seattle and Bellevue region. Our costs are kept low for several reasons.

1. We own and operate our own Medicare and Washington State certified ambulatory surgery center. We are able to set affordable operating room fees because of the highly efficient way we run our ambulatory surgery center.

2. Because Dr. Gottlieb performs more breast implants than any other surgeon in the Seattle/Bellevue region we have a highly preferred pricing structure with the breast implant manufacturer and are able to obtain breast implants at a much lower cost. We pass these savings on to our patients. In 2013 our center was one of the top 10 accounts nationally per the breast implant manufacturer Allergan.

3. Our experienced anesthesia team specializes in safe and efficient outpatient cosmetic surgery, and offer competitive rates to cosmetic surgery our patients.

We typically use Allergan (Natrelle) implants for our cosmetic breast procedures. Mentor (Memory Gel) implants may also be used if requested.

The manufacturers of the breast implants used in our clinic warranty their breast implants. The details of these warranties will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Patients from Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Tacoma, Spokane and Portland visit our clinic in Bellevue Washington for cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. We also see a large number of out of state and international patients who fly in to Seattle for our expertise in breast implant surgery.

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